How We Teed Off

Four friends with basic exposure to the sport, curiosity about the hype, and crushes on Jordan Spieth decided one summer day to give the golf thing a whirl. To us, the sport had always seemed slow, uptight, and, not to mention, male-dominated. Shortly after the first hole, however, we quickly realized that we had been mistaken: although certainly frustrating, with the right attitude, golf could also be very fun. Eight hours and eighteen holes later, we had discovered a new passion for the game. 

As the four of us started golfing more, we realized golf wasn't boring nor uptight, so long as you had the right foursome. We invited our friends, and they invited their friends, and soon we created a relaxed, approachable environment that is far from the confines of the traditional golf club.

We also realized, however, that one of our initial assumptions still held true: the sport is overwhelmingly male. Recognizing the lack of female golfers, and hearing the familiar stories of our girlfriends' experiences golfing with dads and boyfriends, we decided we wanted to help change the narrative around females entering the world of golf. 

Today, our mission is to get more girls golfing. Whether that means introducing girls to the game who have never picked up a club, or giving seasoned golfers an outlet to play and learn with fellow female golfers, we aim to provide a safe, supportive, and laid back environment to everyone looking to get on the green.