Grueter Golf (GG) is on a mission to encourage more women to enter the golf world by creating lighthearted golf content and organizing beginner-friendly outings & female-driven, golf-centric social events for golfers of all skill levels. Whether the event is ladies-only or coed, the vibe is friendly and encourages all attendees to appreciate the game in a fun, non-competitive setting.

At our events, new golfers find a passion for the sport and seasoned vets find a new way to enjoy the game. Before, during, and after the event, we’re available to answer questions that ladies who are newer to the sport might have-- what equipment to use, general ways to improve their game, where to play, and what to wear.

Five Iron Golf is GG’s “home club,” where we take lessons, throw parties, and meet up with friends for a round of golf (or a round of drinks) any time of year. Being a golf nut in the middle of a city is hard-- the winters are long and cold, and it’s often tough to make it out to an outdoor golf course. Five Iron’s casual setting and convenient locations make it the ideal setting for beginner golfers and pros alike.